Custom Designs - One of a kind, every time.

It's easy to argue that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Also it's common that our homes are now more than ever the largest investment we make. Whether you are building new construction or renovating an existing kitchen space, directing the vision for your new kitchen is crucial to achieving good value. This is why we believe having a 3D digital model of the actual space is important. 

Our custom designs begin with a detailed conversation about how spaces are used. Getting to know the client and how they will use the kitchen will allow MFD to develop a high functioning product. MFD uses a zone planning approach to the layout of cabinetry. Each area is meant to be useful, optimized, and comfortable for the end user. This creates an efficiency level that allows for better organization, improved flow, and saves time when working in the space. 

Creative solutions for tough spaces.

Not all spaces are created equal when it comes to their ease of use and layout. However, by introducing the right hardware or custom shape all elements can be efficient. With an in-depth background in furniture theory and a wide knowledge of new products and hardware, MFD does not allow "standard" solutions to dictate design. 

Custom solutions are available for almost every scenario. As a primary component to the MFD approach, purposeful planning is done with each cabinet.

One of our favourite examples of this concept is the corner drawer unit (pictured here). With 37% more usable space than a typical Lazy Susan style corner, this adds a wow factor and more usable space.

Ask us about some of the other innovative solutions we have developed such as "Nona's Stool" and "Bump'N Dump". MFD has the solution for your design challenge.

Understanding aesthetics and heirloom quality.

It's our goal at MFD to design kitchens with a timeless appeal in mind. Using a furniture style approach to cabinetry, we are able to bring timeless design beyond colour and door style. We believe that heirloom quality products are the result when our goal is achieved.

To us, heirloom quality represents products that look great and last the test of time. Our kitchens are designed and built to be used for many years before requiring any type of servicing. We guide our clients to discern between passing fads and truly the timeless styles. Also we encourage choices that will add and compliment the home rather than contrast for the sake of trend.

These concepts are also used when we are selecting hardware for our cabinetry. All MFD hinges and drawer slides are guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects.  

Kitchen Restoration & Refurbishing


If you are looking for a gorgeous kitchen without breaking the bank, MFD offers full  Kitchen and Millwork Reburbishing.

Goal: to replace as little as possible and bring your existing space up-to-date.

How we do it...

MFD will evaluate your existing space - decide what can be kept and what has to go

Come up with a design concept

Remove cabinet doors

Patch and repair the space

Paint existing finishes

Replace cabinet door handles (and hardware as required), and

Option to replace counter tops with Solid Surface (HI-MACS) and/or add a backsplash

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